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Note: This piece is inspired by our weekly writing prompt 'the history of a scar'. Check out exciting prompts on and get a chance to publish your work with us.

The voids in between remind me

of that propensity

pointing towards those excessive trust I embark upon

Uncontrolled insanity marked those emotions

fibbing in nerves;

it’s hard to differentiate between

the known and unknown perception,

dating back to those obsessed passions,

pressed marks vacated in haste;

leaving all of a sudden

with a kiss on the knuckle.

It somehow empowered this soul of mine,

which yearns to have you back.

My fingers intertwined with yours,

I endured the anguish

and acted swiftly;

clasped my hands together to squeeze away

the feeling of uncertainty.

Appreciable in the approach,

I saw those knuckles frozen

in the hope of rising again

sooner, to see the callus growing

in between the thickened healing of mass.

But I am forever buried in sympathy,

in the persuasion of never turning back,

not even with you to hold

between the knuckles.

Vrinda Nair is an aspiring scientist currently doing her PhD in Physics at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. She is a published author-poet of three books. She writes on diverse themes on her blog, Solopreneur, and designs many art forms.


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