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In the face of life

In the face of life

I have not learnt a thing

from moments of victorious ends.

If I have learnt something, then almost always

it has been from failures

that I have tried to mend.

If I am a woman today

of strong will and steal valour,

it isn't the gift from a fortune dial

but of an unbending and calm manner,

adopted and internalised

from a parent, a friend, a stranger, a generation, or an animal;

everyone in a struggle for survival.

A parent who,

fierce, bold & blind in love,

is Unbound by reason or the rational.

A friend, who

is a rescuer unbending,

in a personal feud

against harm to her only friends.

A stranger, who,

Emotionless and untouched

yet by the weakening bouts of love,

is able for being so.

A generation,

with wisdom unique to a certain age,

refined & toughened,

with centuries-old tricks of trade.

And an animal, who

with natural instincts

has it all,

that it takes for one to live.

Ambika Singh is a postgraduate student at the University of Delhi. She can be found on


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