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A metonymy for life!

Luminescent sobriquets,

nuances and innuendos,

oleander dreams,

a morsel of leftover words;

decoding syntax and semantics!

Taxonomy of hysteria,

transfered epithets,

shifted proxemics

blurring the gap between space and dimension.

Peeping from behind translucent ballads

are hurrine rhymes

trying to carve a niche

within a heartfelt epistle.

Noctilucent clouds on summer skies;

splurged with meta communication midst graphic metaphors.

Dangling dreams from distant corridors on sordid noons.

A table fan, Maa's flowing hair, fish bones on aluminium plates, the smell of egg curry on my fingers; Baba's sweaty shirt smelling of his toils. Thamma's broken wooden chair. Spring evenings and an ivory reticence wrapped within an empiricist's sheet; a metonymy for life climbing down the spiral staircase of remembrance, wearing a galvanized smile.

Debarati Sen works at the Presidency University, Kolkata as a Junior Assistant. She is also an independent researcher in the genre of Disability Studies and a freelancer with an International NGO named JPS Medaid. Writing is therapeutic for her.


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