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Take me back

Artist - Christina Vilgiate

Take me back,

back to the moment

when we stood at the spiral staircase’s head

and tumbled down

the stairwell of joyous thought,

into the eager tendrils of green.

The taste of

mint fresh on our lips

as we lay in the dandelion field,

weaving intricate bands

and wreaths of glassy weed,


When the cool water trickled down our naked forms

as we came up the stairs

and reached our haven.

Our haven, where we sit today.



Holding on to the remains of the bands

that we had woven long ago,

while they wither and crumble into nothingness.

Gaping idly as the glassy weed coils about our necks,

the dandelions grow around us,

and keep growing,

till there is nothing left to see but the smiling yellow faces that reek of mint.

The beads of cool water are rising to the heavens,

leaving blotches of crimson

on our pale, tired forms.

With every fading breath,

we are sinking deeper into the grip of the tendrils

on which we fell

the day we tumbled down the spiral staircase.

A Night Owl original, this piece has been authored by Pallavi Singh.


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