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In the resplendence of the submerging rays, I sat down,

singing songs of an insipid heart.

Memories lay scattered like a molten candle,

oozing teardrops from broken memoirs.

I had loved you with all my completeness

until a day arrived when I laid barren my heart to you.

You flipped through the pages and smirked in oblivion.

My lips quivered like a withered petal,

threadbare and tired,

contemplating how destiny conspired.

My dear, I will always be this gentle to you.

My dear, I will always look for you midst the pyre of our long-lost love.

Debarati Sen works at the Presidency University, Kolkata as a Junior Assistant. She is also an independent researcher in the genre of Disability Studies and a freelancer with an International NGO named JPS Medaid. Writing is therapeutic for her.


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