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Of stardust and sunflowers

Burning a hole in your heart

it makes you go purple-green-red.

For it is not just fury;

it is a whole journey

that starts with love

and ends in hatred.

You find someone,

and you love something,

and you love and you love and you love.

Till they find someone,

and love something,

and they love and they love and you watch.

You envy their beauty

and hate their charm,

but never has anyone taught you to give up.

For you're the Sun,

burning small fires within

blazing over all flowers the same.

But you pick the sunflower as your favourite

and you protect it, you nourish it.

It loves you, basking in your glory.

Till one day you wake up,

your vision clouded.

Peeking through the thick curtain of rain

find your sunflower kissing another.

It enrages you so much

that the earth rots underneath-

you laugh your devilish laugh;

they're paying for the sun's flower.

Merciless, you do

everything in your control

when you see your arch enemy

stealing your spotlight,

shining a bright white.

It soars and smiles

while you sink and cry;

the earthlings hail it,

a sign of peace in the sky.

You snarl, call the moon for a fight,

but it stays, much to the lover's delight.

Now you see love blooming on the other side

while you eat stardust and smoke,

waiting for sunrise.

Ashlesha is a student at Indraprastha College for Women, and an aspiring writer, who creates art for the love of it. Her definition of comfort is sappy romance movies and heart-breaking lyrics that make you dance. She can be seen picnicking in a sunflower field on a sunny afternoon.

Picture credit: Art print by Nadja depicting a tarot-inspired sun + moon drawing, photo frame on Urban Outfitters.


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Ajanta Mukhia
Ajanta Mukhia
Feb 13, 2022

very well written, keep up the good work :)


Siya Gupta
Siya Gupta
Feb 12, 2022

The imagery and the last line almost makes me relate to something that hasn't even happened in my life. This girl is going places. Keep it up Ashlesha!

Feb 14, 2022
Replying to

thank you so much 💓


Enraptured. It's beautiful...


arunima karn
arunima karn
Feb 12, 2022

so good!

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