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Artist unknown.

In this abode of memories,

of will, it is a test.

Here, on a stormy night and a lone ship,

standing on a crest.

In this vicinity of calmness,

there lies a fear,

a fear of darkness fast approaching,

and where it may steer.

In this essence of life,

minds of men and monsters

adapt to the cold moon,

of past, become imposters.


to a hellish heaven

or a heavenly hell;

become, they oblivion

or to them

oblivion all else.

This piece has been authored by Himanshu Sukhala. A student pursuing graduation in history at Kirori Mal College, Delhi University, Himanshu loves to spend his time either reading for pleasure or research. He can also be found tackling video games (especially Pokémon) or watching anime any time of the day. He writes to pen down randomly the thoughts that come into his mind.


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