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Little remedies

Have you ever witnessed the rescuing process of a dog? The big things done for them do not calm him down; it's the little things, the small steps, that make them trust the rescuers. Sometimes, when I watch such rescue videos, I realize the importance of little remedies for anything that is broken or hurt; be it a relationship, a friendship, a home, a person, or a heart. Big things and grandiose gestures might feel good in the moment, but what we need to survive are the minuscule efforts put towards mending what is cracked.

There is a certain, quiet reassurance in going slow, one action at a time. In the marathon that is life, a brief sprint might help you in the short run, but to sustain yourself for the duration of the run, you might have to stop-- take a few breaths, take a moment to breathe in your little achievements, and think about what you are leaving behind as you move forward.

It took me a long while to make peace with the fact that no matter how successful one becomes (perhaps even to be able to afford a freshly brewed cup of Starbucks every day), the serenity that can be found in the small cup of chai your maa made for you shall remain unparalleled.

Isn't that what we actually need; things that your eyes might overlook, but which make your heart smile for days?

There might be a room filled with thousands of people dying to hear your thoughts, but your heart will still want to open itself in front of that one human of yours: your mother, your friend, your lover, or the person staring back at you in the mirror, perhaps. Sometimes, a mini pep talk from your human is all it takes to set your heart free.

There are days when your thoughts keep knocking inside your head, making it unbearable to sit still. Perhaps, walking down a soothing avenue is what will help you make sense of things. And, nothing soothes the heart like a solo rooftop stargazing session while soulful music pours into your ears. Try flashing a smile in the mirror and see how it reflects back at you; see how suddenly your soul smiles too! All such little remedies comfort your heart. These things just add up to make it realize how wonderful our lives could be even if nothing huge crosses our way.

That's all that matters in the end. After all, happy healing is nothing but experiencing little remedies in life, isn't it?

Bhumika was born and raised in the picturesque city of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. She is a student of music and dance and looks towards all things art with great fascination. She started writing when she was quite young and hasn't stopped since.


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