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Let us wait together

Let's wait together.

For one day, my moon will reflect its own glint,

and that day your sun will be cooling down

in its own shade.

Oh, dear!

One day, this pain will fade,

And I'll turn your eyes blue

to see the mountains of sorrow

inside the lake of faith.

But, oh my dear!

Life is a scrumptious treat for our fortunes;

it may be praised for your efforts

or just stolen away

for being the last part of fortune's meal.

Upon these clouds, we shall meet!

Riding on the thundering horses,

breezing around the clouds of life, together.

Until then, let's just be the moon with a fake glint,

and a dull sun, far away from the odds.

Over a horizon of hope, where we meet.

Let us wait together.

Navitash is an ordinary citizen and self-explorer who is ever-learning and evolving somewhere in the hills of Himachal. He usually writes for fun and often under his pen name (Safed Kagaz).


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