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Hold on until the night

View of the night sky blanketing the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, captured by Chandani Thapa.

“Hold on until the night;

will this still chaos bite or unite?

I wonder when will it become all right!

Lost in the flow of time and space, can we playwright?

How about we fly with the stars and the moonlight?

Shall we look above and within to find the might

to make it through the night?”

This piece has been written by Chandani Thapa, a moon that rises from the side of Nepal. Navigating life’s maze, she also appears in phases; she rises to the occasion but does not linger to the aftertaste. She embraces the periodic process of becoming and unbecoming. Her life orbits around her inner circle of family and friends, books, and nature. She gets and gives. She is near yet far. She is subtle but conspicuous. Now, she is on her way to unearthing the other side of her that’s yet to be seen.


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