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Art by Rewant Ahlawat

A blind lover's disguise puts me at ease;

the opaque falsities turn thin.

A ruined rose stops me in my steps,

handing it to the divine perfection makes

me weak;

the doves whisper to me: it's a ruse,

I know it well enough,

I'm ready to get

swallowed by the sea.

The morning sun bursts

through the box,

time ticks, flies away into an infinity

of moments

crumbling the columns of my destiny

as I live in this journey,

all mine.

The shades coax me to a halt,

begging me to stay

but I'm afraid,

as I look away.

Rewant Ahlawat is a twenty-year-old cadet undergoing military training at the prestigious National Defence Academy, Pune. He is an energetic combination of art-meets-life, sketching away exotic details on a canvas full of dreams. A devoted fan of Coldplay, his music recommendations are always on point. When he is not making that perfect cup of tea, he likes to read; he hopes to master the piano soon, having already mastered a witty repartee. This go-getter is on a journey that goes Up & Up, forevermore.


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