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I’ve been feeling blue lately. Nothing seems to take side with the yellow. There is an empty void that yearns to be filled, not with red but with amber. Life for me is a play of colours, each of them having a very crucial role. We are just a side effect of oblivion. It is the colour that one leaves behind which reiterates itself through the pages of the past and the assumed-to-be-distant future. Today you might feel a shade of yellow with a pearly white background that awaits to be painted or maybe a shade of blue with grey scenery and black spots. Amber, green, pink with the butterflies and the sun, or the ash, sapphire, gloomy hues with the rain on an empty night sky.

While there’s a concept of gay and glum colours, there’s another thought which completely depends on our choices. Some of us might accept blue to be sorrowful but what if we decide to turn it into bliss? What if you accept all your heartaches and your hardships with a pinch of gold and red?

Sometimes we act as if we have got an infinite amount of time; spending it on jealousy, revenge, and rage. What I mean is a simple fact of breathing without regrets; content with all the red and pink one can receive in a lifetime.

Whether it’s the indigo or the lemon, whether it’s pouring or shining, whether there is fury or affection, whether the desires are true or forgotten, whether it’s nothing or everything, whether you are stuck amidst this ache of an eternity, remember, it is a happy day, it is a happy life!

This piece has been authored by Ankita, an eighteen-year-old coffee addict, trying to make her way amidst the world's chaos. She found the perfect inspiration for her blog in mid-2018. Life taught her a great many things at a very early stage and so she believes that it is one's choice to sway in a river of tears, or in a breeze of colours!

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