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Brevity is the soul of wit

Art by Natalia Rak.

1. Moulding the clay of a language so unknown was hard, but today I have mastered this skill. But, when it comes to moulding the clay of my mother tongue, I fail miserably.


2. I am building a home, not a house.

It will contain walls of hard work

windows of courage

a roof of dreams

a shelf of longevity

and a vibe of optimism.

3. Whenever you fail, fall down completely, sink to the bottom and then erupt like a volcano - burning with rage to achieve the unachievable.

4. Tough times are unavoidable. Face them fearlessly, turn the thorns into a barbed wire and protect yourself from the people who are ready to pull you down when you are the weakest.

5. Suppressed voices, shattered dreams and unshed tears made me a feminist- tough to break, easy to heal.

6. Tough times have woven the strength in my hands, courage in my feet, and wisdom in my head.

This piece has been authored by Anubha Gupta. Anubha is an amateur writer who pours her heart out on paper. She started doing this when the world stopped listening to her; her pen owns her emotions.


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