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Black and Blue

Artist - Pallavi Singh

Gum, cigarettes, bic, masks.

A nip in the air

black garb,

smiling eyes,

the wind running over

your braided hair.

Just one star

in the ebony sky

yet a myriad twinkles in our eyes

for what is the vacuous sky

when pitted against you and I?

Walking barefoot on the cool grass,

brushing hands,

sighing sighs,

dreading the darkness

of impending goodbyes.

Wheezing laughter

hurried video recordings;

desperate attempts to make

ephemeral moments,

happy endings.


Secluded, dreadfully quiet,

a vacant stairwell,

us smoking lights

locking eyes and

looking away

in a painful play

between glee and trepidation.

Glorious days

over in the blink of an eye;

full hearts, embraces, fingers entwined;

shared laughs, tears, and


leave me with naught to say


since I left you,

my thoughts have been alternating


the black and the blue.


A Night Owl original, this piece has been authored by Pallavi Singh.


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