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Beyond Death?

An exploration into the unknown-

what lies beyond death?

The lights are on me,

the stage is set.

I roar the question, yet again-

what lies beyond death?

Is it a never-ending sleep

into which one slips,

after the body is so worn out,

torn out, over the ages and incidents,

that the sack of flesh and bones

no longer can hold your breath?

Or is it a sudden flashback of

Life, in real-time that feels as if you're living again?

The DMT is a tricky drop that drops from your crown-

Once, when you first gain consciousness, as a fetus brain.

Second, when you leave this body around.

The depth, the mystery, and the myths all make

Death so beautiful to me that it almost feels like home;

sometimes life isn't so interesting anymore-

you long for that place forgotten and long gone.

But then there is Karma, the bitch that won't let go

even if you skip this chance and hope for a better one next time,

you gotta pay your dues- that too in full.

There is no offer, no discount.

You gotta give what you took, and take what you gave;

remain neutral, like a tree.

Life is magical too when you just let it be.

Let it flow and carefully watch your story unfold.

Live on the shore and make death the sea;

touch it every day with your feet to get a hold of what possibly lies beyond.

Who knows- maybe, when you finally die right,

there might lie an adventure ahead;

a voyage that will test your will and flight.

Who knows- it might be good to be dead.

Although, there is one thing I am sure of.

It is great to be here, but I can't wait to be dead.

To be silent once again as I was before that first drop-

I am sure I was.

Not sure if as a man, or a bear, or perhaps just some leaves

but I am sure I was here.

Let death welcome me, whenever it please.

I just want to be here, now.

Paritosh hopes that his writing brings some light into the darkest corners of human thought. He loves to dwell into Jungian psychology which has led him back to his roots of spirituality. His preferred way of life moves through spirituality, meditation, and exploration.

Art by Kathe Kollwitz.


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