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Beautiful crimes

through our interlaced fingers

i weaved you a song

flights to jupiter,

stardust in our palms

now you search for another universe

so you can drain it's earth out

oh but how you fail miserably

for there is no place else so giving.

your sneering pity

when I told my lovers' crimes

calming my whimpers

with words that rhyme

"such cruel monsters in human flesh,

unworthy of love, they made you a mess!"

scowling at their ugly games

in the end, that is who you became.

Ashlesha is a student at Indraprastha College for Women, and an aspiring writer, who creates art for the love of it. Her definition of comfort is sappy romance movies and heart-breaking lyrics that make you dance. She can be seen picnicking in a sunflower field on a sunny afternoon.

Art by @ungfio (Instagram).

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1 Comment

Siya Gupta
Siya Gupta
Apr 04, 2022

Another BEAUTIFUL piece by the one and only. She's going places :)

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