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A writer's pen

Writers use their pens to create life. Whether it be a story, novel, article, or anything else, they all have one common goal: to bring their words to paper in a way that engages and entertains the reader. But what does a writer's pen do? How do they manage to evoke emotions from readers with just ink and paper?

From the mundane to the extraordinary, or profound thoughts about life and death to a story about a day at a coffee shop that makes its way into our work in some form or another.

There are numerous techniques that different writers use to bring their characters and stories to life. Some will write detailed character bios before beginning a project, while others will start writing and see where the characters take them.

Some will plan out every twist and turn of the plot, while others prefer to let the story unfold naturally. There are as many additional writing methods as there are writers globally, and what performs for one may not work for another.

But there are a few constants that can be found in almost any successful piece of writing. First and foremost is character development. Readers won't stick around for the journey if they don't care about the characters.

The best way to create relatable and interesting characters is to give them depth; make them flawed, human beings with real emotions and motivations. Show your readers why your characters do the things they do, rather than telling them. Let the actions of your characters speak for themselves.

Secondly, suspenseful plotting is key to keeping readers engaged. No one desires to read a predictable story and has no tension or conflict. Throw in a few surprises, build up the suspense, and keep readers guessing what will happen next.

Finally, good writing is all about emotion. Whether happiness, sadness, anger, love, or fear, make your readers feel something. Evocative language can be compelling when used correctly; it can transport readers to another place and time, make them laugh or cry, or even scare them senseless. Use words to evoke strong reactions in your readers, and you're sure to hold their attention until the very end.

So what does a writer's pen bring down on the paper? It brings life: life to characters, life to stories, and life to the reader. Writers use their pens to share experiences with others; they want people who would otherwise never encounter or know each other to experience everything they have experienced. A writer's pen is mightier than a sword because it can bring down an entire world onto paper for readers from all walks of life to see and explore together.

For me, it could be anything. A particular type of pen I'm using, the music I'm listening to, a picture on my Instagram feed that catches my eye and makes me think about life in a different way. It might be something as easy as the weather – if it's raining outside, I might lean towards writing darker pieces than usual. Or if there's a storm brewing and I can feel the electricity in the air, that might inspire me to write something more action-packed.

But at its core, inspiration for me is all about capturing a feeling or moment in span and translating that into words on paper. Whether it's sadness, happiness, love, or anger –whatever I'm feeling at that moment, I find a way to bring it out in my writing. That's what inspires me most of all – the fact that I can get lost in this world and forget about everything else going on around me when I'm creating something from nothing or bringing life to a character who isn't even real yet.

A student of journalism, Rupsa's interest in writing runs deep. She writes about music, art, life, history, and loves storytelling. Her passion for music and fondness for the little things in life make her who she is.


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