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A cryptic maze

She delved deep into the crevices of uncertainties

until she found herself

buried midst agonizing chronicles,

carrying the marks of a disturbed mind

which tore her soul

into infinite parts.

When destiny struck her hard,

she was left all alone with a sunken heart!

A numbing pain dragged her down

midst the black hole of drudgery.

She lost her soul's symphony

and spend hapless nights in agony.

When life gave her a lopsided grin,

her existence seemed to be

the consequence

of a grotesque sin.

When the sudden convolutions waged a war,

she wanted to scream

but a sickening lump

stuck in her throat.

Those days, when sombre was her only friend,

every moment was a vicious apprehend.

Years rolled by and she kept losing herself

in the mire of a cryptic maze.

Her brain was dazed in a haze!

Dementia had left all her memories abrase;

life now was just a concoction of scars

and malaise.

Debarati Sen works at the Presidency University, Kolkata as a Junior Assistant. She is also an independent researcher in the genre of Disability Studies and a freelancer with an International NGO named JPS Medaid. Writing is therapeutic for her. Art by Leslie Oldaker.


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